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Lehman Chiropractic Adjustment

Lehman Chiropractic sells a variety of products including nutritional supplements, BIOFREEZE, pillows, heat packs, and back support braces.

You can purchase all of our products during regular office hours by visiting the reception window to place your order or call ahead and we'll have it ready when you arrive.



Lehman Alternative Therapies


Chiropractic Adjustments

Most of our patients begin to see results from the very first adjustment. Our alignment methods are gentle and effective for anyone from children to athletes to seniors.

*Worker’s Comp, Medicare, and all ages welcome

Soft Tissue Work

Therapeutic modalities including ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy accelerates your body’s own natural healing process through photo-bio-stimulation. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions and post surgical pain.


We offer Work, Sports and School Physicals for patients of all ages.

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Testimonial


I had been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder for several weeks.  I could not think of anything that I did to it, so I thought that maybe I had been sleeping on it wrong.  People had been telling me that it sounded like my rotator cuff.  At age 74 I do not want any surgery because of the healing time and therapy involved so I just kept dealing with the pain.  It had gotten so bad that I could hardly take my tee-shirt off over my head as I could not raise that arm.  It had also gotten to the point that I could not straighten out my left arm to reach things. 


At this point I called Dr. Lehman's office to see if he could help in any way.  He told me about this new laser treatment that he had done a lot of research about and that everything looked very promising using it.  I had him go ahead and do the laser treatments; and after two simple ten-minute treatments I saw a large improvement (at least 70%).  After two more treatments, I feel great (at least 90%) except that it is just a little tender.  It is so nice to be able to use my left arm and to be able to do just simple things like taking my tee-shirt off over my head without my arm hurting.  


I would think that anyone in their fifties or younger would be back to 100% using this machine a lot quicker than I was since I am a little bit older.  I would highly recommend this laser treatment to anyone. It has worked for me; and most important, it was without any surgery.

-Tom E.

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