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About Lehman Chiropractic

Lehman Chiropractic is a full service Chiropractic Care Practice located in Greenville, Ohio. Dr. Kyle Lehman and his staff provide quality Chiropractic care and innovative therapies to help each patient achieve a greater level of health and wellness.

Dr. Kyle Lehman, DC, MS

Dr. Kyle Lehman is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic class of April 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri. He joined Lehman Chiropractic (FKA Warner Chiropractic) in June of 2009. “The staff has treated me like family since I arrived and it is great to work in an office where patients enjoy coming.”  Since January of 2011, Dr. Lehman has been the owner of Lehman Chiropractic (FKA Warner Chiropractic). 


His masters degree in sport science and rehabilitation has allowed him to specialize in the area of sports rehabilitation. The education he attained is not limited to only those participating in a sport, but also to anyone at any age that exercises. This degree is supplemental to the doctorate of chiropractic.


Dr. Lehman’s hobbies outside of the office include running and participating in many team sports. He is a member of the local Rotary Club and Grace Brethren Church.  He enjoys participating in Bible studies through Grace. 


Dr. Lehman was born and raised in Union City, Indiana. His parents are both employees of Randolph Eastern Schools. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana. There he majored in athletic training with the intention of pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy. Two years into school, Kyle chose a different route and began pursuing an associate degree in physical therapy while completing all of the prerequisite courses for chiropractic school. Dr. Lehman married his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth, during his junior year of undergraduate school. After graduating from undergrad, Kyle attended Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. While there he attained a bachelor degree in human biology, a master’s degree in sport science and rehabilitation, and a doctorate in chiropractic. During the final semester at Logan, Kyle and Elizabeth welcomed their first child, Bennett, into their family in 2009 and then, while living in Greenville, their second child, Jacob, in 2012. Their third son, Cameron, was born in 2017 and currently rounds out this family of 5. Kyle, Elizabeth, Bennett, Jacob, and Cameron reside in Ansonia.

Lehman Chiropractic Staff

Lehman Chiropractic employs an amazing staff of caring professionals that support the Health & Wellness needs of each individual patient. From our administrative staff to the patient care assistants, each one of our staff members is trained to deliver the best quality service and care every time you visit.

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